Love Letters

Testimonials from my Clients

Desirae was a complete rockstar doula who set me yup to have a birth experience that I am proud and beyond happy about. She informed me of options that I didn’t know were within my control, and advocated for me when I needed it the most. Desirae has checked in on me countless times, and throughout my pregnancy she responded to every text I sent within minutes. My entire life I knew I wanted to have children but wasn’t sure I could conquer my deep fear of labor. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would enjoy reflecting upon my birthing experience, but here I am one month later still in awe and loving thinking about eery moment from that day. I am certain this wouldn’t be the case without Desirae.
— Galini

Can’t wait to use you again for baby #2!
— Kelsey

As a couple having experienced pregnancy loss and secondary infertility my husband and I were in search of a doula who understood the unique emotions and needs of couples navigating pregnancy after infertility. We were blessed to find Desirae of Harmony Births be that gifted and specialized form of care we needed during that anxious time. We had such an incredible experience with Desirae as our doula of our second child that when we became pregnant with our third my husband and I couldn’t wait to secure her services once more. Right away she again became the central form of support, resources and advocacy throughout the entire pregnancy and birth process. Whether it is your first or third child, becoming pregnant after infertility and/or through infertility treatment comes with needs and feelings that require that extra love and care. Desirae is just that. She gives her whole heart and having gone through her own experiences with infertility truly understands the many facets of care required. We could not feel more grateful to have her loving services throughout our journey to growing our family.
— Rachael

Desirae encouraged and guided me through our birth experience. She gave my wife piece of mind and helped her through a long and strenuous labor. She helped my wife through different scenarios throughout the birthing process, using different techniques to help comfort her through contractions. Even though we did not end up going completely natural, she told my wife it was her call and never made her feel bad or regret her choices.
— Don

Desirae was very knowledgeable, shared TONS of information before and after birth. She was there for me for the entire birth process which wasn’t easy. Even though my birth plan pretty much went out the window, she never once made me second guess my decisions. She was there for me, reassured me, comforted me, and made me feel more in control, as much as I could be.
— Jenn

Desirae was a wealth of knowledge and a huge support from the beginning of my pregnancy to the end. Her knowledge of tests and procedures during my appointments was so helpful to put my mind at ease, and I probably wouldn’t be successfully breastfeeding right now if it weren’t for her!
— Katie

Desirae helped Jordan and I with the anxiety of childbirth and my wife’s pregnancy. While I wasn’t sure that a doula was for us, Desirae demonstrated right away the value and importance she would have through the process. Desirae’s thoughtful, well-researched advice and guidance made what is usually an anxious event worry free.
— Alex

Desirae is a fantastic doula and I would highly recommend her services. She knows what she’s talking about and wants to provide you with the best possible birth experience. I had a lot of anxieties about being pregnant and giving birth and for no real good reason except that I was just scared. Desirae helped to calm me when no one else could. Before Desirae, I didn’t even really know what a doula was but after meeting with her and learning more, I knew this was the right choice for me and my pregnancy and birth experience. I am so happy with my choice to use a doula and that she was that doula. Thanks for everything before, during, and after Emerson; you’ve been a huge help!
— Jordan

We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Knowing you were there throughout the entire process was so crucial to our confidence and comfort. Our daughter’s birth would have been significantly different if you were not present. Your expertise, knowledge and voice were invaluable and we are beyond thankful you were there to stand up for us, let us know what was taking place, and what our rights were. our experience with you was phenomenal and we are SO grateful we found you!
— Kristen

Desirae’s expertise and methods greatly enhanced our birthing experience before, during, and postpartum. The knowledge and experiences she shared with us prior to the birth put us in a great relaxing state of mind and fully prepared us for what was to come. During the birth, Desirae was an advocate for us and supported us in any decision we made. My wife and I could concentrate on the birth knowing Desirae was by our side to help us with any support we needed. Postpartum Desirae often checked on the well being of my wife and child giving any advice and help needed along the way.
Her passion for supporting families during birth, one of the most special and important moments in life is truly evident. She was essential in ensuring we had an enjoyable and safe birth.
— John

My first birth was traumatic because my baby got stuck and required 3.5 hours of pushing. For this birth, my second, I decided to work with different care providers, a different doula, and deliver in a different place to help me deal with the trauma. So, we hired Desirae to be our doula this time. We found her to be compassionate and passionate about supporting birthing families. I was fortunate that this birth turned out to be precipitous, although it meant the baby came only minutes after we called Desirae to come. I could tell that Desirae was truly sad that she wasn’t present for the birth. This was absolutely no fault of Desirae’s; she’d communicated very well how much time it would take her to get to the hospital, and my husband and I didn’t realize how quickly baby would come (I was 8cm dilated in triage!). Desirae came to see baby and me right after delivery and made me feel supported during postpartum difficulties like tongue tie/ breastfeeding difficulties. Even though I didn’t end up needing much support during birth, knowing that Desirae was on my team during my very anxious pregnancy (birth trauma, fertility challenges, general anxiety, etc.) was so valuable.
— M.

Desirae embodies everything a doula should be. She is kind, caring, thoughtful, and dedicated. When I first became pregnant and considered a doula, I pictured someone who was present during labor & delivery.

Desirae has been much more than that. She has provided support and knowledge from the beginning of my pregnancy, ensuring I was well-educated on my birth options and prepared to welcome my daughter into the world. I never felt as if she were simply doing a job, but rather that she was fully invested in my pregnancy and childbirth experience.  Because of this, she was with me every step of the way and allowed my birth experience to be as enjoyable and relaxing as it could possibly be.

I am confident her level of dedication is far above and beyond your average doula and I will not hesitate to have her partake in the birth of any of my future children.
— Alicia

Desirae was a wonderful doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

With a planned C-Section, it was great to have a knowledgeable support person in the pre-op room, recovery room, and postpartum.  Desirae was extremely patient and attentive, and she was our advocate in the hospital helping to explain procedures in ways that were easy to understand. 

Whether it was making sure my wife was hydrated and relaxed, or injecting helpful commentary while nurses and doctors attended to my wife, Desirae’s knowledge and demeanor was very much appreciated.  No doubt Desirae will not just be your doula, but will quickly be considered a friend.
— Eric

Desirae was a wonderful support person to both my husband & me. We felt comfortable speaking our needs, & making requests, & knew Desirae was happy & willing to provide.

Before the delivery day, I was able to communicate thoughts & plans free to Desirae, letting her know about different aspects of my personality, expressing what I might find helpful on the big day. She was perfectly receptive. When the d.d. arrived, we called Desirae at 3:00 a.m. to come sleep at our house & be available as soon as I wanted her help. We felt no guilt making the call, knowing Desirae was happy to meet our needs even at such a crazy hour.

My labor was short & intense & I ended up delivering the baby at home, unplanned. Because Desirae had made it clear early on that she was willing to come to our house & not just the hospital for labor support, we were blessed to have someone there to help that we knew when our birth turned into an unplanned home birth.

It was a beautiful experience. Desirae was a large piece of the puzzle that lead to our confidence in success!
— Kelsi

Desirae is equal parts professional and compassionate.

She goes above and beyond from the moment she is brought on as your doula from pregnancy, to labor/deliver, and postpartum. She single-handedly created the perfect birthing environment. Having listened completely to my goals & dreams to labor and deliver my rainbow baby naturally. She created a safe place, free from fear and anxiety through her tools of affirmations, support, and encouragement.

Without her I know I would not have successfully birthed my son, Dean, completely natural. But, more importantly, she gave me the tools to do so with courage, grace, strength, and free of fear and anxiety.

After an anxiety-ridden pregnancy I was worried that mindset would hinder my abilities, but thanks to Desirae I was able to labor and deliver in a mental and emotional state of bliss. She is a beautiful soul and anyone who uses her doula services will be blessed.
— Rachael

I will start by saying my experience with Desirae being our doula was surprisingly positive, relaxing and very enjoyable experience that I was not expecting. Prior to this experience my personal opinion was that the only person in the room with my wife should be me.

However after the birth of our first child it was clear that I had no idea how to support my wife the way she needed support. Although I did all the caring and helpful things any husband would, it was not enough needed for the experience of labor.

Already knowing this going into our second labor, I was still very much against a doula. I am a strong willed, outspoken, old school man that did not want someone stepping on my toes and ruining this experience. I was going into the day fully expecting a disaster where Desirae and I would be arguing. However all of my assumptions could not have been further from the truth.

Desirae provided something I could not, had the knowledge to keep my wife calm and focused and allowed me to focus on my wife. Unlike our first child birth all of the pressure was off of me. I didn’t have to try and understand everything that was going on and feel overwhelmed. I got the full experience with no distractions from hospital staff, running out for water, ice, staff, etc.

Desirae was professional, considerate, and compassionate. She immediately put my fears to rest making me comfortable knowing my role was to focus on my wife and the experience, while she handled the rest. Coming from someone that was against a doula I have come full circle and would strongly recommend everyone engage a doula for child birth. It only heightens how enjoyable this experience really is. For men who have the same concerns I did, although I cannot speak for all doulas, I can say you can put your fears to rest if you hire Desirae Whittle. She made the whole child birth experience that much better.
— Brad

When Gina and I found out we were pregnant after 3 years of infertility and that it happened naturally, I knew Gina would want to have this baby as naturally as possible. She had mentioned that she would have liked a doula to assist in making this dream of going naturally a reality.

At first, I was very skeptical and felt a little threatened that someone besides myself would be helping Gina labor and that it wouldn’t have been that intimate setting I had envisioned. Well was I wrong.

Desirae, you are an amazing doula. I would have done my best in assisting Gina labor, but you made it a much more manageable labor/delivery. You had the knowledge, which I didn’t have, to assist Gina get through each and every contraction and each and every push. In addition, I was at ease when all the nurses left the room that Desirae would be there to recognize any complication if they were to arise. Even with all the classes Gina and I took it could never had prepared us for the labor and delivery process.

You also photographically captured pictures we would never have imagined obtaining, this added an amazing touch to your already great practice. Desirae, I could never thank you enough for everything you did for Gina. It was truly an amazing experience.
— Daniel

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately began thinking about how I wanted the birth to be. I admired women who were able to have a natural, drug-free birth and I was intrigued.

After meeting with Desirae, it became clear that this was something I really wanted to do and that I could do it! She inspired me and motivated me to make it happen. I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge, professionalism and compassion right from the start.

She also ensured me that it was okay if something did get in the way of my plan because the most important thing was a healthy baby and mommy in the end. That made me feel better about my upcoming birth especially as a first-time mom not knowing what to expect. Throughout my pregnancy she was just as supportive and especially after I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

When I started feeling anxious about a scheduled induction, she calmed my fears and helped me focus on what was important. She made me feel comfortable. During my labor, she was nothing short of amazing. Desirae brought about a sense of peace and calm to my labor with her gentle and encouraging words. She helped me through the pain and was so hands-on during my whole labor, that I don’t know who worked harder! She was so professional with my doctors and nurses that even they were impressed and couldn’t stop talking about what a great doula I had.

I will definitely be using Desirae again in the future and recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive and compassionate doula!
— Gina