Pregnancy After Infertility

Not all pregnancies come easily.
In fact, 1 in 8 couples in the United States suffer from Infertility.
I am 1 in 8.

Infertility results

I thought, as maybe you did too, that after waiting what seems like an eternity to become pregnant, I would be nothing but ecstatic. I assumed all of my sadness, anxiety, worry, and guilt would just go away. That wasn’t the case for me, and I understand that isn’t the case for many other women who are pregnant after infertility.

Countless women express that once they do become pregnant, a whole new set of worries creep in. Will I stay pregnant? What if something is wrong with my baby? If I plan for this baby I will jinx this pregnancy and something will happen like it has before. I feel guilty complaining about the everyday pregnancy aches and pains because I don’t want people to feel I’m ungrateful. I don’t know where I fit it now that I’m pregnant.

Another adjustment that can sometimes be difficult to navigate is the transition from your RE to your OB or Midwife. You grew accustom to every other day BETAs and blood work or weekly ultrasounds and now you see your medical provider once a month, and your ultrasounds might be months apart. How will you know your baby is ok?

These feelings are very common and unique to pregnancy after infertility and loss mamas. I know. I was one of those mamas. You aren’t alone in these feelings.

I am an active part of an infertility support community with thousands of members. I ran an infertility support group of nearly 50 people. Even though I now have a healthy daughter, I don’t feel like infertility will ever leave me.

I can help you navigate these and other feelings related to infertility and loss.

I recognize the unique needs of families who undergo fertility treatments. I can help you to create a more positive experience during this uneasy time.