It’s my goal that every woman, regardless of how her birth turns out, has a positive experience.

I am there to gently assist her in accomplishing her goals and ideal birth as best as I can. Women inspire me. Infertility warriors inspire me. People who don’t give up on their dreams no matter how hard they are, no matter what the odds say. 


Services tailored for you

Harmony Births offers different packages based on your specific needs. Whether you need your doula to help with the transition from RE to OB, or a more basic birth package, you can rest assured you'll be well taken care of. 


What is a doula and why do I want one?

Understanding exactly what a doula is, and what the benefits are plays an important role in deciding if a doula is right for you, and your partner. 

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Pregnancy after Infertility

You have been waiting what feels like forever for those two pink lines. However, now that they are here, you might be finding joy is overshadowed by worry or perhaps anxiety. Pregnancy after infertility is a unique world to navigate.

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